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I’m Katrina (aka ReddishRocks), who’s just trying to stay curly in crispy ol’ Colorado. I’m a 2b/2c/3a natural redhead with coarse-ish texture and medium thickness. This blog site is dedicated to those living in bone dry climates who can often be heard shouting at the sky, “Come on! We NEED the moisture!”

Below, you’ll find my dated blog entries with random thoughts on curliness or updates on current experiments/obsessions. Above, you’ll see links to various pages on the site. Make sure to check out the link for Acronyms/Abbreviations/Definitions – you’ll understand all of my shorthand much better. Feel free to comment and ask questions! :D

Nicole Lengerich of Spiral Evolution dry cuts my hair. She’s really great!

I don’t update this blog as much as I used to, but I still respond to questions and comments (which motivate me to update)! Thank you for your continued interest. <3

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November 9, 2008 at 3:29 pm

Yes to Carrots?


I am now 34 weeks pregnant. With about six weeks to go, that means that my Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol leave-in had to run out. Yes, I have known for months that it has been discontinued, and the only online sources I can find seem more than shady… at least my GVP Conditioning Balm has shown back up at Sally’s again.

Jessicurl was abandoned back in September. I was simply never able to get enough hold out of any combination I tried and the frizz continued. So I returned to my normal routine.

My first false start with finding just a replacement leave-in was with Kinky Curly Knot Today. I had a bit on hand left over from when my hair was near my waist. It is an excellent detangler, but (and I’ll blame pregnancy brain for this one) I totally forgot that it has glycerin in it. Glycerin in the winter is like kryptonite for my hair. I get dry, fuzzy frizz that develops on the top of my head by day two.

Today, I am trying Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner, which I found at Target for about $8. My Lustrasilk never felt squeaky when I would apply my Kinky Curly Curling Custard gel on top, but I noticed that feeling when used the KCKT. Yes to Carrots felt the same. On the plus side, I noticed that I was getting better clumps this time.

I don’t love the smell, nor do I like the container… but the allure of just going to Target for hair products is great – especially since Sally’s is next door!


Water (Aqua)
Cetearyl Alcohol
Behenalkonium Chloride
Cetyl Esters
Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Juice
Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil
Dead Sea Water (Maris Aqua)
Maris Limus Silt Extract (Dead Sea Silt)
Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Oil
Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil
Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (Sweet Almond)
Calendula (Calendula Officinalis) Flower Seed Oil
Cucurbita Pepo Fruit Extract (Pumpkin)
Ipomoea Batatas Extract (Sweet Potato)
Cucumis Melo Fruit Extract (Melon)
Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil
Triticum Vulgare (Wheat Germ) Oil
Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract
Honey Extract
Punica Granatum Extract (Pomegranate)
Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride
Fragrance (Parfum)
Sodium Hydroxide
Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate

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Contemplating Mommy Hair…


So yeah. I’m pregnant. :) We don’t know the gender yet (I’m 17 weeks along), but we’ll know in mid-October.

This means I’m definitely looking to streamline my hair routine. I already go 3-4 days between washings, but I can’t devote the amount of time I have been. I’m wondering if my hair is long enough to go back to plopping it overnight. I’m just a bit past my shoulders.

My Jessicurl experimentation continues. I’ve got some odd surface frizz going. It’s not rough… Maybe it’s the Magnesium Sulfate in the Rockin’ Ringlets, or maybe it’s the biblical flooding we’ve had here in Colorado for the last few months.

Maybe I’m still not getting enough hold. I’m only using about a quarter-size blob of the Rockin’ Ringlets but three times that of the Confident Coils. I’m layering a double-pea size dollop of Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee on top of it all, which has helped the fraying somewhat, but… meh.

The upside is that it’s not taking long to diffuse my hair. Well, relatively speaking. It’s still 7 minutes.

I’ll try the plop overnight tonight. I saw this video, and I think my hair is her length, pattern, and texture!

P.S. It wasn’t until I had my hair up in my white long sleeve shirt that I remembered what my husband always calls it – my Bib Fortuna (a lá Star Wars) hat:


Nice. :P

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I mentioned back in December that it was getting harder to find a few of my favorite products. Not that I’ve actually bothered to look for a new leave-in or conditioner… but I did order samples of Jessicurl’s Rockin’ Ringlets and Confident Coils.

First impressions are these:


I think my pattern looks good. The waves/swirls are defined and curly rather than just S like.

It’s light. Unlike KCCC, drying time was easy.

I’m pregnant (yay!), and the Lavender Citrus scent barely registered in my hyper-sensitive nose.

Potential Cons:

Maybe I didn’t use enough, but (as you’ll see in the pic below) my clumps were fraying before I squeezed the water from them with my pajama pants (don’t judge – I forgot my Curls Like Us towel!).

The back didn’t curl well. I followed Jessicurl’s video tutorials for application, but I’ll tweak that next time.

For the record, I scrubbed my scalp with my usual Suave conditioner, conditioned with my GVP conditioning balm, applied about a quarter size blob of the Rockin’ Ringlets, then applied a slightly smaller blob of the Confident Coils. I gently squeezed out the water then with my PJs, then diffused dry. I think I will try to use my Lustrasilk leave-in next time and layer some BRHG on top. I’m doubtful I’ll get second-day hair outta this wash.


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Pinterest and No Poo

There is a no poo pin showing up on Pinterest these days (uh, you can see that I inserted myself into that conversation…), and while that blog has some pretty good information, I take issue with several points:

1) This method seems aimed at girls with straight hair (see her section about boar bristle brushes – I cannot imagine trying to drag a brush through my hair every day…). If you have straight hair and never use styling products, knock your socks off. Curly girls usually need product, so there’s a need to go into greater depth about methods and products and their chemistry.

2) I’m not convinced that baking soda is great to put on your skin, frankly. It’s a base, and its pH is around 8 or 9 (I have seen several different numbers…). Read this article for some interesting chemistry. Know why her hair gets slippery with the baking soda? It’s a base, so it’s creating a saponification (soap) of her skin’s lipids (oils), making them water soluble. She’s washing all her natural oils down the drain. At least she’s telling you to keep the ACV away from your scalp…

3) You don’t need “clarifying” shampoo to start. The Suave mentioned just has both Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Ammonium Laureth Sulfate as its main ingredients. Just use conventional shampoo once. Done.

4) That section on herbal rinses is scary to me. WHAT herbs?! Which ones specifically?? That’s a whole other can of worms, especially for girls with lighter hair tones or highly porous hair. And essential oils are not to be tossed around lightly. Some are irritating if not dangerous when applied to skin.

I always hesitate to say that someone else’s method is crap because I’m only one person with one set of experiences. This blogger has been at her method for nearly a year and still seems happy. I’m glad for her. Your path may be different.

Here’s me and Mom at IKEA, being goofy. Note her straight hair… I was raised on straight hair methods. My hair looks crummy in the back because I slept on it in the car and ratted it all up, ha!


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Possible Product Predicament

I’ve been to TWO different Sally’s this week and they are both no longer carrying GVP Conditioning Balm or any Lustrasilk!!! Now, it looks like the Balm is still available online, but the Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol seems harder to come by. I’m not about to fill my basement with a 10-year supply of either product, so thus begins my search for replacements. I’ll buy another couple of bottles of each to tide me over I guess, but damn. I hate the idea of starting over.

Here’s the current state of my hair:



During the dead of winter, it’s hard to get decent photos in the low light. The profile shot accurately represents my color though.

I like this length – it’s curling quite well! I think I’ll keep growing it to my shoulders or maybe armpits, although my husband actually said he liked this cut today(!):



December 29, 2012 at 9:18 pm 2 comments

Cost Per Wash

I haven’t been on the CurlTalk message boards in ages. I avoid it now because I’ve pretty much got my hair figured out, and I’ve accepted my wabi-sabi hair as it is. I don’t need to be comparing my hair to other people’s and trying to achieve the newest benchmark of perfection. And heaven knows I don’t need more products. I already suffered through my product junkie phase, and my bathroom cabinets are still recovering.

I did chime in on a thread yesterday about budget friendly products, and I thought I would crosspost to my own blog. Links to all of these products are on my Current Routine page:

If I total up what I spend on my current routine:

  • Suave condish – $1
  • Sally’s GVP Conditioning Balm – $6
  • Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol – $2.50
  • Max Green Alchemy Gel (the most expensive part) – $13
  • Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee (I’m on my second bottle in 4 years…) – $10

That’s a grand total of $32.50. I go through the Suave pretty frequently, and the Conditioning Balm, Lustrasilk, and Max gel last me maybe 3-4 months at my current length (off the shoulder).

I’ll say I wash my hair 3 times per week… often less, but let’s make the math easy and say 3 washes times about 50 weeks per year = 150 washes. Divide by 3 months (for each time I have to replenish most of my products), and we’re back to 50 washes. I won’t factor in the Suave or the Biosilk as I suppose they sort of cancel each other out, so $21.50 divided by 50…


July 11, 2012 at 9:55 am 4 comments

Six months of Grow-out

These photos are from Mother’s Day back in May and represent six months of grow-out from November’s cut:


My husband really liked that length, but I was about to go on yet another extended summer trip (not 25 days like last time, but just under three weeks…), so I hacked it back to keep it off of my neck. Here’s some trip hair from June (the red arrow points to where I have my bangs pinned back from my forehead… it was wicked hot and humid on the East Coast):

And just like last year, I only brought a carry-on! Here’s what I brought:

  • Avalon Organics Bath and Shower Gel (as a cleanser if I decided I needed it…)
  • Generic Value Products Conditioning Balm (rinse-out conditioner)
  • Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz (leave-in)
  • Max Green Alchemy Gel (styler with very soft hold)
  • Hot Sock Diffuser

No duck clips and no comb this time. If I’d had room, I would’ve been better off to bring my Suave conditioner to scrub my scalp. It has more slip and makes that part of the wash easier. I also would’ve liked to have a stronger gel. I’ve taken to layering Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee on top, and I’m still using a pea-size amount.

My Current Routine has been updated. I’m no longer using Kinky Curly Curling Custard as I’m finding it to be too heavy for this length. I can’t remember when I cut it out of my routine… but those May photos are definitely without the Kinky Curly, so I’ll estimate I changed it back in May sometime.

I’m probably going to grow back to at least that shoulder-length, and probably longer. Maybe I’ll go back to armpit length (like September/November 2008?). I think I start to look a bit dragged down in the face as I approach bra strap length. I’m really liking the curly-bang look from May of this year and November 2008, but they tend to flop into my eyes and annoy me. We’ll see if I can tolerate it.

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